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[Wilson's Phalarope]

Places of Interest to Birdwatchers on the Cape Cod Connection
Cape Cod Bird Club Activity Calendar
Mycoplasmal Conjunctivitis in Wild Songbirds: The Report
The Spread of a New Contagious Disease in a Mobile Host Population.
US Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region
Current and Past News Release
Birds of Monomoy
A guide to the 285 species that have been identified at this beautiful refuge.
The Harwich Backyard Bird Feeder
My personal explorations in this area.
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protects and manages Monomoy as habitat for wildlife, with a special emphasis on migratory birds.
The Bird Watcher's General Store in Orleans
Cape Cod Naturally
In Harwich Port, provides custom guided nature walks.
Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
Massachusetts Audubon Society
Rare Bird Alerts
In the Cape area.
Gull Management
The Hearing on USFWS Gull Management, Monomoy
Gull Poisoning
At South Monomoy Island

Places of Interest to Birdwatch on the Web
  • Elinor Millers column "As The Crow Flies" as it appears in the outdoors section of the Cape Cod Times on alternate Fridays.
  • Birds of New England - Links to species accounts and photos of New England birds.
  • The Washington State South King County Chapter of National Audubon has its newsletter "THE HERON HERALD" online at Audubon.
  • Birdwatching Dot Com - About Wild Birds and Birding.
  • featuring the National Audubon Society Online Field Guide.
  • Ode News is a site about dragonflies and damselflies on Cape Cod.
  • Peterson Online - based on Roger Tory Peterson's life work, a service of HMI Net published by Houghton Mifflin Interactive.
  • The Virtual Birder - A great online magazine for North American Birding. Their current issue focuses on shorebirds on Cape Cod, with a special virtual tour of North Monomoy and South Beach.
  • The North American Breeding Bird Survey
  • Wild Birds Unlimited has a continuously changing feeder cam with new images of birds at birdfeeders uploaded every three minutes!
  • The MassBird List Archive reports from around the area.
  • NEW The Brookline Bird Club is now online!
  • Cohasset Birdhouses - an eastern Massachusetts company located in Cohasset, a small town on the Atlantic coast, that makes a variety of birdhouses using natural materials, some found washed up during storms.
  • Rara Avis Website - the birds of Costa Rica: A complete checklist in taxonomic order. More than 340 birds have been identified at the Rara Avis Reserve, and are noted on the checklist.
  • Prairie Falcon - the first Audubon newsletter on the internet, from the Northern Flint Hills Audubon Society in Manhattan, Kansas
  • Wildbird Magazine - you can subscribe online to this and other publications.
  • Terry Ross' Backyard Birding Page - Includes the texts of US Fish and Wildlife Service pamphlets on feeding birds, housing birds, and landscaping to attract birds to your property.
  • Chux Pages - Birding ...a really nice page with lots of information for New England birders. Chuck is new to birdwatching and presents advice and tips in an informal way. If you haven't done any birding yet, but think you might want to start, this is a good jumping-off place.
  • Chux Pages - Where to Bird ...Chuck has expanded his birding in New England, and has created a nice page with map and various sites that offer good opportunities for birders as well as other wildlife afficianados.
  • Optics For Birding Home Page - Everything you could want to know about optics courtesy of Ed Matthews
  • Alopias Bird Watching Information
  • The National Audubon Society Home Page
  • Jack Siler's "Birding on the Web" - a great resource that features:
    • Recent digests and archives of virtually all email lists related to birds
    • Recent and slightly dated transcriptions of a large number of RBA's
    • Links and Images
    • Announcements
    • FAQs, bird-related information in general
  • Willem-Pier Vellinga of the Netherlands has a great birding page. Extensive and organized!
  • BirdServ Zippy Daily BirdMail Reader / Chuck Williamson's homepage where you can read birding email from Birdchat plus 5 other birding groups including Tweeters. Also available are regional hotline reports.
  • A whole page of birding links at the University of Washington
  • Environmental Organizations On-Line With the EnviroLink Network
  • Seattle Audubon Society Home Page with gift shop, magazine, images and birding links
  • Patricia Ledlie, who specializes in mail order sales of bird and nature books now has an Internet e-mail address -
  • The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN). This hemispheric coalition of over 140 organizations organized to protect shorebirds and their habitats is based at the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in Manomet, MA. Monomoy Refuge was recently designated as a Regional Site in the network comprised of 40 critical sites in North and South America.

Places of Interest to Birdwatch on Cape Cod